Customer Satisfaction

60+ Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions: Learn About Your Customers – Business Article

Customer satisfaction is more important today than ever before. Given the large number of choices consumers have in almost every market, companies that listen to their customers have a distinct advantage. A customer satisfaction survey is an invaluable tool for both small business owners and large corporations. Surveys can help determine how customers are feeling about an organization’s customer service, web experience, products or services. They can also help an organization get to know their customers in order to better…

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4 Effective Way To Keep Your Customers Coming Back – Business Article

There are many business owners who don’t realize that retaining customers is much more valuable than acquiring new ones. Did you know that you are going to pay five times more if you want to acquire a new customer, than what it would cost you to keep a customer who has shopped with you in the past? However, it’s possible that the cost of attracting a new customer is even higher. The point is, retaining your customers is a much…

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How to Ask Customers for Reviews of your Business – Business Article

You’ve been in business for a little while. You’ve built a good client roster or list of customers who have purchased from you. Now you want to earn even more business by harnessing the power of a solid review. We all know that in this online world, there are people who seek out reviews before making a buying decision. It could be shoe shoppers who want to hear from those who previously purchased the same pair of heels. It could…

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