Dashboard Design

How to Design Widgets for Instant Impact l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

When it comes to creating dashboards, it can be easy to focus so much on the data that design is overlooked. As a UX Designer here at Sisense, I know the importance of taking things other than the data into account to make sure your users see an instant impact. This isn’t an easy task, though. With so many options for color, style, and layout it may be hard to tell what exactly will make an impression. That’s why I’ve…

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The Dashboard Salsa Dance – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

On a recent vacation in Mexico, I attended a class to learn how to dance salsa. Now, I have two left feet when it comes to learning any structured dances. I can do the count in my head and I can do the steps with my feet, but I can never get them synchronized which usually results in either stepping on my partner’s feet or freezing in fear of stepping on my partner’s feet! The instructor taught the basic salsa…

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