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Can My Business Achieve Optimal Analytics Without Hiring Dozens of Data Scientists? – Business Intelligence Article

As the need for advanced analytics increases in organizations, enterprises large and small struggle to find and sustain the professional resources they need to meet their requirements for data, analysis and strategic direction. In some businesses, Data Scientists, professional analysts and IT staff are often buried under requests for analysis and data and, as a result, these teams are unable to focus on strategic issues and on crucial questions that require 100% accuracy to drive the direction of the business.…

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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold! Strategy Behind Winning eBay Auctions l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

If you’ve ever participated in a live auction, you know there’s some strategy involved in order to win the item you want. But what about online auctions? In our new GoFigure! analysis we take a look at data about all the action in the seven-minute eBay auctions. The dataset we found on Kaggle includes data about unique auction number, the list of bidders, every bid that was given for the whole length of the auction, open bid price, and winning…

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6 ways to select the right business software – Business Intelligence Article

We have entered the zettabyte era, an astonishing fact that represents the vast amount of data being transmitted, connected and consumed. Companies and organizations are being challenged to analyze this massive consumption of information – it’s extremely hard to do that manually, in most cases, even not possible. That being said, the importance of using the right business software for managing daily operations, monthly or yearly reports, gaining insights on strategy development, or monitoring key performance indicators that can directly…

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5 techniques to take your data analysis to another level l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

Implementing a business intelligence suite in your organization is about more than simply collecting additional data—it’s about converting this data into actionable insights. The amount of data an organization can collect today from a variety of sources offers it the ability to see under the hood, understand which processes are working, and help teams prepare for future trends. However, without properly analyzing and comprehending the data you collect, all you have is figures and numbers with no context. More importantly,…

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Common Data Analytics Mistakes | – Business Intelligence Article

Data analysis demands a lot of time, attention, and energy – essential resources that, once invested, can never come back. In fact, as a marketer, data analysis expert, or entrepreneur, your job is to effectively leverage those important resources to increase your company’s performance. To improve your analysis results, you’ll need to embrace the fact that you are maybe going to fail, regardless of how well-defined your data analysis plan is. That’s how it works – test, measure, optimize, and…

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The Importance of Planning and Forecasting in BI – Business Intelligence Article

The budgeting and forecasting process for most organizations is long and tedious and occurs on an annual basis, at least. Companies try to do it more often to improve accuracy and aim to ultimately implement a procedure for continuous planning or rolling forecasts. Unlike any other business process, budgeting and forecasting is unique because it is forward thinking. Business processes like accounting, inventory tracking, invoicing, shipping, etc. are based on actual events from the past and present. This is a fundamental…

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How to Cut Data Preparation Time for Visualization Tools – Business Intelligence Article

Data Visualization tools have democratized data exploration and analytics, giving business users a way to access and utilize data without depending on the IT department. Self-service BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, etc. are remarkable data visualization tools that enable users to create ad-hoc dashboards that are beautiful and data-driven. In a study by TDWI in 2016, they found that most companies spend up to 61% – 80% of their time preparing data, as compared to time spent analyzing the…

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