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In-Memory Database Advancements Lead to Data-Driven Success – Business Intelligence Article

 “Our recent research shows that companies now agree that data is the most important asset in an organization today – sometimes even more than human resources,” said Mathias Golombek, CTO for Exasol in a recent DATAVERSITY® interview. Yet evolving technology and organizational issues have led to separated systems, data silos, and lost opportunities. “The question is, how can you solve that issue?” A History of Data Silos In most organizations, data is not centralized at any one point, said Golombek.…

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Case Study: Cornell University Automates Data Warehouse Infrastructure – Business Intelligence Article

Cornell University is a privately endowed research university founded in 1865. Ranked in the top one percent of universities in the world, Cornell is made up of 14 colleges and schools serving roughly 22,000 students. Jeff Christen, data warehousing manager at Cornell University and adjunct faculty in Information Science, and Chris Stewart, VP and general manager, USA at WhereScape, talked with DATAVERSITY® about how Cornell dealt with the end-of-life for the primary product they used to manage their data warehouse.…

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