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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare – Business Intelligence Article

Big data and data analytics are changing the way we operate in many areas across the globe, from business to government to mobile app development. The world of healthcare is no exception, as data can support the needs of the healthcare sector and improve its ability to serve and treat people. Similar to many other sectors, big data in healthcare has changed the management and analysis of data and has given us the ability to leverage the information to improve…

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Data Professional Introspective: How to Tackle a Data Quality Strategy – Business Intelligence Article

Everyone talks about the importance of data quality, but no one does anything about it.  Not anything much, that is.  Now, have I offended you?  Are you thinking about thousands of lines of ETL scripts with quality rules?  About the data quality tools your organization has purchased?  About a proof of concept dashboard monitoring a few key applications? Well, that may be the case, but many organizations have implemented data quality improvements at the project level.  However, it is likely…

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