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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare – Business Intelligence Article

Big data and data analytics are changing the way we operate in many areas across the globe, from business to government to mobile app development. The world of healthcare is no exception, as data can support the needs of the healthcare sector and improve its ability to serve and treat people. Similar to many other sectors, big data in healthcare has changed the management and analysis of data and has given us the ability to leverage the information to improve…

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Ways Big Data Benefits Marketing – Business Intelligence Article

Big data is one of the technologies today which is reshaping the business world tremendously. It is true that Data Science is laying the foundation for the entire decision-making process in most multi-national, as well as smaller-scale, companies. This is one of the major reasons why the revenue has reached up to $40 billion in 2018. Also, when it comes to marketing then the scenario is no different. Today’s marketing professionals embrace the influence of Big Data and data analytics…

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Common Data Analytics Mistakes | – Business Intelligence Article

Data analysis demands a lot of time, attention, and energy – essential resources that, once invested, can never come back. In fact, as a marketer, data analysis expert, or entrepreneur, your job is to effectively leverage those important resources to increase your company’s performance. To improve your analysis results, you’ll need to embrace the fact that you are maybe going to fail, regardless of how well-defined your data analysis plan is. That’s how it works – test, measure, optimize, and…

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