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Advanced Data Analytics Transform Business – Business Intelligence Article

One of the most powerful resources today is big data. Blindly going after potential customers will not yield any results. To gain that X factor, you need to know where you are going, the reason behind you going there, and the effort that you are willing to put into the journey. A clear vision, strategic planning and approach, and use cases are required to move ahead with the big data discoveries. This is where advanced analytics comes in to give…

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Common Data Analytics Mistakes | – Business Intelligence Article

Data analysis demands a lot of time, attention, and energy – essential resources that, once invested, can never come back. In fact, as a marketer, data analysis expert, or entrepreneur, your job is to effectively leverage those important resources to increase your company’s performance. To improve your analysis results, you’ll need to embrace the fact that you are maybe going to fail, regardless of how well-defined your data analysis plan is. That’s how it works – test, measure, optimize, and…

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