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Can Big Data Help Save Endangered Species? – Business Intelligence Article

Click to learn more about author Harsh Arora. Big Data is a popular term used frequently by technology experts. Universally it refers to the processing of massive and complex data sets, which help in analysis. Complex data requires simple presentation and large data needs statistical conversion and comparison; both are likely to be misinterpreted or have incorrect presentation. What is an Endangered Species and Why is it Necessary to Save Them? Endangered species include the Asian elephants, blue whales, giant pandas,…

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Data Professional Introspective: How to Tackle a Data Quality Strategy – Business Intelligence Article

Everyone talks about the importance of data quality, but no one does anything about it.  Not anything much, that is.  Now, have I offended you?  Are you thinking about thousands of lines of ETL scripts with quality rules?  About the data quality tools your organization has purchased?  About a proof of concept dashboard monitoring a few key applications? Well, that may be the case, but many organizations have implemented data quality improvements at the project level.  However, it is likely…

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The Resilience of Master Data Management – Business Intelligence Article

Final article in a six-part series on the “New Age of Master Data Management” by Julie Hunt For years, there have been industry professionals and analysts who seemingly find pleasure in declaring some type of technology “dead”. This compulsion has been a constant in the software industry. Master data management (MDM) is no exception. Some have been convinced that MDM was DOA practically from the day it emerged as a distinct form of data management and data governance. Making such…

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MDM – Speaking the “Language” of Business – Business Intelligence Article

Part 5 of a six-part series on the “New Age of Master Data Management” by Julie Hunt Data management continues to take on an ever-growing range of activities as the role of data has evolved and expanded for many organizations. Business agility and real-time insight are inherent requirements for many organizations. To meet such requirements, organizations need right-time data on a continuous basis, where master data management initiatives are integral to processing business-ready data. MDM software solutions are evolving as well,…

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Business People are Drivers of the New Age of MDM – Business Intelligence Article

Part 4 of a six-part series on the “New Age of Master Data Management” by Julie Hunt Master data management and data governance have always been about business. However, there has been a history of MDM implementations putting too much emphasis on technology, and less time into over-arching business aspects. For successful outcomes and continuous improvement, the ongoing participation of various business roles is an essential element of MDM strategies and activities. It takes ‘everybody’ to ensure optimal data management processes…

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The Next Chapter | Hub Designs Magazine – Business Intelligence Article

Turning the page I started Hub Designs in July 2007, as a consulting firm focused on developing strategy and delivering solutions, and on research and thought leadership for master data management (MDM) and data governance. It’s been a lot of fun – and a lot of hard work too, of course. Hub Designs survived the global financial crisis of 2008, and plenty of other ups and downs along the way. But it took a toll – on me, and on my…

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Latest White Paper with Information Builders: “Five Things to Focus On for Faster MDM Results” – Business Intelligence Article

The latest Hub Designs white paper, sponsored by Information Builders Hub Designs’ latest white paper on master data management (MDM) was published recently by Information Builders. The paper is titled Five Things to Focus On for Faster MDM Results, and it talks about the importance of getting the “soft stuff” right and improving the alignment between business and IT. It also covers how to achieve a business-oriented, balanced, holistic approach that addresses: People / corporate culture (through organization design and change management)…

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