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Understanding How to Back Up Data on Your Website and Why It’s Important – iPage Blog – Business Article

A recent Gartner study parsed by Retrospect shows that 43 percent of businesses that experienced a “major loss” of computer records were immediately put out of business. Another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years. Yet according to research parsed by the Data Network Group, 68 percent of small businesses still don’t have a disaster recovery plan and 58 percent of businesses have no backup plan for data loss, even though data loss is up 400 percent since 2012. In today’s online…

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Why I’m Breaking Up with Facebook – Business Intelligence Article

I have been in a serious relationship for more than 12 years. My partner in this relationship has brought me joy through the years, but lately, I feel like I’m giving to this relationship far more than I’m getting out of it. The relationship no longer brings me the joy that it once did, and has suffered from several breaches of trust in recent years. I’ve received many credible reports from reliable sources that my partner is doing things behind…

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