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Case Study: Cornell University Automates Data Warehouse Infrastructure – Business Intelligence Article

Cornell University is a privately endowed research university founded in 1865. Ranked in the top one percent of universities in the world, Cornell is made up of 14 colleges and schools serving roughly 22,000 students. Jeff Christen, data warehousing manager at Cornell University and adjunct faculty in Information Science, and Chris Stewart, VP and general manager, USA at WhereScape, talked with DATAVERSITY® about how Cornell dealt with the end-of-life for the primary product they used to manage their data warehouse.…

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Handling many-to-many joins using a bridge table (Part 1) – Business Intelligence Article

As a data warehouse architect, star schemas are great until we encounter the dreaded many-to-many fact to dimension scenario. For example, we have a Ticket Fact table and a Tag Dimension table. The cost metric is calculated at the ticket level, so tickets have the lowest granularity and hence the ticket fact table.   However tickets can be tagged with multiple describers. A ticket can be interesting, excellent, and complicated. If we flatten the tags into the fact table, you’ll notice…

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How to Streamline Query Times to Handle Billions of Records l Sisense – Business Article

Here at Sisense, we love a challenge, so when a client comes to us and tells us they need to find a way to run queries on billions of records without this slowing them down, our ears perk up and we leap at the chance to find a solution. In fact, that’s how we recently found ourselves testing a billion transactional records and three million dimensional records – totaling a whopping 500GB of data – with 100 concurrent users and…

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