An Introduction to ‘hreflang’ Tags (And How to Use Them) – Online Business Article

Apr 11, 2019 0 by Brad Litwin Imagine that you go through the trouble of translating your website into multiple languages, yet search engines keep directing users to the default option. This can be both annoying, and damaging to your traffic levels. That’s why it’s smart to signal search engines to display specific versions of your pages, depending on where each user is located. You can accomplish this using ‘hreflang’ tags. Even if you don’t know what those are, the process of…

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10 Key Linux Terms You Need to Know – Online Business Article

Jan 24, 2019 0 by Alex Ali If you’ve ever dabbled in programming, you know that developers love Linux (and other Unix-based systems). There are a lot of reasons for Linux being a superior option for development work. The problem is that it can be overwhelming if you’re coming from another Operating System (OS), particularly because you’ll run into a lot of unfamiliar terms. The truth is that these days, Linux is pretty user-friendly – depending on what ‘version’ of it you…

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