3 Reasons to Run A/B Tests on Your Website – Online Business Article

Feb 11, 2019 0 by Alex Ali Improving conversion rates is vital for any business, no matter its size. There are a lot of factors that go into securing conversions, however, so it can be difficult to pinpoint possible areas for improvement. Fortunately, implementing A/B testing can help. This enables you to directly compare two variants of content on your website – changing one element such as text size, button color, or featured image. By displaying two slightly different versions of the…

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Web Design Trends To Embrace (And Avoid) In 2019 – Online Business Article

With the second decade of mass internet usage drawing to a close, certain internet design principles have evolved into accepted standards. Any web designer will know the importance of prioritising readability over design, never using tables, and beta testing websites in every mainstream browser prior to clicking ‘publish’. However, the need for originality in today’s mature online marketplace means website development is constantly evolving. Each year brings different web design trends to the fore, while others become less popular through…

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10 Key Linux Terms You Need to Know – Online Business Article

Jan 24, 2019 0 by Alex Ali If you’ve ever dabbled in programming, you know that developers love Linux (and other Unix-based systems). There are a lot of reasons for Linux being a superior option for development work. The problem is that it can be overwhelming if you’re coming from another Operating System (OS), particularly because you’ll run into a lot of unfamiliar terms. The truth is that these days, Linux is pretty user-friendly – depending on what ‘version’ of it you…

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