What The Best Communicators Do – Business Article

Professor Daniel Kahneman has spent a lifetime researching why and how humans make decisions. His decades of work focused on the two ways we think and decide using one of two modes of thought, System 1 and System 2. System 1 makes fast, instinctive and emotional judgements and System 2 operates at a slower more logical level. Kahneman wrote a five hundred page book on the subject titled Thinking Fast and Slow. Of course, just like us, even Nobel prizewinning…

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Design For The Customers You Want – Business Article

Almost every cosmetic counter in the department store has a promotion happening. Of course, they aren’t called promotions—they are presented as ‘free gifts’, designed to encourage the customer to spend more on a particular brand that month. The hope is that the customer will fall in love with the products and become a customer for life. These marketing tactics can work in the short term. It is possible to see an increase in sales when you give customers something for…

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What is ‘The Difference That Makes The Difference’? • Derek Cheshire – Business Article

People often ask HOW do I find this mystical difference but they do not actually ask WHAT the difference actually is! Here is something that might shock you. I do not know either! It is different for every business but here is an example that I experienced today. We are going to stay at the Shangri La Hotel at the Shard in London this weekend (it is our wedding anniversary). We have stayed in Shangri La hotels previously. They are not cheap…

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