From Waitress to Owner: “How Passion Carried Me Through” – Wonen in Business Article

How does a waitress—that is, a great waitress—become the proprietor of a restaurant? For Lea Fridrich, who took over the vegan Garden Café in Woodstock, New York, in 2015, the process involved hard work and the ability to turn to the community around her for support. Her now 10-year-old daughter, True, also played an important role and spends weekends and holidays working in the café, joyfully investing in her own future. Many of the people who have been key to…

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Dream Big and Bold – Savor Magazine – Women in Business Article

A SELF-PROCLAIMED “ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR,” VICTORIA LYNDEN, FOUNDER OF KOHANA COFFEE, TRANSFORMED A FUN SIDE PROJECT INTO A COMPANY VALUED AT $100 MILLION. HERE, SHE SHARES HER SECRET TO SUCCESS. “DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES ARE TELLING YOU. ALL THEY SHOW IS LIMITATION.” Almost all great businesses begin with solving a problem—you want something; it doesn’t exist, so you create it. That something for Victoria Lynden was great-tasting coffee. “I was running a restaurant and wine bar in Austin, Texas, but what I really wanted to offer my customers was great coffee,” she says.…

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How to move forward even when you feel overwhelmed. – Women in Business Article

Did you know that in a recent Harvard study, only 3% of the students in the MBA program had written goals and a plan to achieve them? Ten years later, the study showed that this 3% was earning 10 times more than the other 97% of the class. Other statistics show that 92% of people who set goals quit within two weeks.  It’s no surprise, then, that many entrepreneurs launch amazing ideas and products into the world, but then can’t…

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