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You too can express affection with a .LOVE Domain! – Online Business Article

.LOVE is the dedicated domain extension for expressing all positive emotion. Valentine’s Day attracts some of the highest spendings in one day, across the world. People put an effort into celebrating love on the day. Love is a symbolic representation of a strong feeling of affection and warmness between two people or among a group of people. It is a feeling one expresses towards an individual or object. Express that love with a .LOVE Domain Name. The ways of celebrating…

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How a .STORE Domain can empower your eCommerce Business – Online Business Article

One of the dilemmas that eCommerce entrepreneurs often face is which domain name to register when they are about to launch their new product or service in the online space. This is one of those aspects of business development that should not be taken lightly, as your domain name can make or break the success of your business. One of the tried and tested tools that work for businesses when it comes to marketing and branding is storytelling. Stories help…

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4 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Domain Name for your eCommerce Business – Online Business Article

What’s common between one of the world’s biggest airlines and a local yoga store in England? They both chose to brand their online identities smartly with the use of powerful domain names. While the former owns as their merchandise website, the latter’s primary website is Both these brands chose addresses that are short, unique, relevant and memorable. The good news is, you too can brand your eCommerce business equally well with a strong domain name. All you need…

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