‘We proved Amazon wrong’: activists celebrate Bezos retreat from Queens | Technology – Business Article

Amazon picked a tough moment to come to New York. Progressive groups were in the ascendant and they turned their fire on an obvious target: a plan to lure a company run by the world’s richest man with $3bn in subsidies and tax breaks. The abrupt collapse of Amazon’s plan for a new headquarters, or HQ2, in Long Island City was a milestone victory for leftwing insurgents over establishment Democrats who backed the deal. “This is a new day in…

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Four Steps to Launching a Successful E-commerce Site by Jackie Burke of #tiniluxjewelry – Women in Business Article

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels by Jackie Burke So you’re thinking about launching an e-commerce site? That’s great! Now, where to start? There is so much information available for launching a business. The excess information makes it so difficult to know what to pay attention to. It also makes it hard to focus your energy on individual tasks. It can feel like you have to do a hundred different things to be successful. The truth is, you really should…

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E-Commerce Fraud Is On The Rise – Business Article

E-Commerce fraud has been steadily rising and is expected to continue to rise in the years to come. Data shows that fraud is increasingly becoming a concern, one example being reports from the FBI. One of the more shocking fraud reports that the FBI has released involves BEC or business email scams. In 2018 the FBI reported that there was over 12 billions dollars in losses to business email fraud alone. As a consumer, you should be worried. Business fraud…

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Boost your sales with coupons! – Online Business Article

“Want to increase your sales? You can now offer discounts or free shipping to your customers with coupons in your Online Shop. To get the discount, your customer only needs to type in the coupon code into the coupon field during checkout, simple and easy”. Introducing coupons in the Online Shop We all know it. Who doesn’t like a discount on selected items in the cart or 10% of the entire cart and of course free shipping to wrap it…

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10 Reasons WordPress is Ideal for Your e-Commerce Site – Online Business Article

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that can make your website stand out. Using it to create and manage your website comes with several advantages that can be beneficial to your e-commerce site. This article gives you the reasons why you should choose WordPress on your website. With so many e-commerce entrepreneurs existing on the market, websites are now becoming a common thing. Most online businesses operating a website or a blog. To thrive in the competitive market,…

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