Economic policy

Not enough babies? Not enough state support for families | Business – Business Article

When a baby is conceived there are usually three parties involved, and one of them is the government. Without financial and other kinds of support from the state, people are more reluctant to have children, according to official statistics. It’s a phenomenon seen across the developed world since the 1990s, when direct state intervention appears to have taken over from a more general sense of economic wellbeing as the main driver of procreation. In the UK, the birth rate clearly…

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Hammond plays down Brexit delay increasing chance of second vote | Politics – Business Article

Philip Hammond has played down the possibility that the UK could use the delay to Brexit to hold a second referendum and stressed that he still expects Britain to leave the European Union. Speaking in Washington, the chancellor said time would be too tight to hold a confirmatory vote before the new deadline of the end of October unless it was triggered over the coming weeks. Hammond said the damage caused by continued uncertainty – including problems attracting suitable candidates…

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Philip Hammond urges business leaders to accept Brexit result | Business – Business Article

Philip Hammond has told business leaders they need to accept the result of Britain’s EU referendum and warned that a failure to implement it would damage the country’s political stability. The chancellor told increasingly restless business leaders that he was working for a deal that safeguarded the economy, and said he understood their frustration but companies had to accept that changes were coming – such as an end to the free movement of people and business models built on a…

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