How to Educate for Success within HR – Women in Business Article

HR – It’s time to tear down the wall. Our job is to build up people not walls, so let’s dig into our why and purpose. Prejudice of all kinds exists, whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation, or difference of thought. Our goal is to let this go. We need to let go of all the things that weigh us down because we can’t help anyone if we’re carrying such a heavy load. The beginning stages of shedding this…

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10 Tips to Balance Working Full Time and Going to College │ Professional WOMAN’s Magazine – Women in Business Article

By Jess Scherman The notion that attending college is some leisurely stroll through four(-ish) years where students’ only concerns are completing coursework and figuring out what fun things they’ll do on the weekend is changing rapidly. While that description might still fit the experience of many students, a sizeable portion of college students need to work full time to make ends meet. If you’re unwilling to let anything block you from achieving your career and educational goals, the best thing…

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Orkney rated Britain’s best place to live in terms of quality of life | UK news – Business Article

Orkney is the best place to live in the UK, with cheap houses, low crime, good schools and a population who are among the happiest and healthiest in the country, according to the annual Halifax quality of life survey. The survey found that all the top five best places to live in the UK were in Scotland or the north of England. Richmondshire in the north of the Yorkshire Dales came second, while the appropriately named Eden district in Cumbria…

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