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45 Quotes from Female Leaders to Inspire Success – Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business Article

Challenges always bring an opportunity to grow. Whether it’s our personal or professional life, we learn the most from overcoming fear and failure. It’s during these times we realize our strengths and our capacity to learn new skills. Especially for female entrepreneurs, the journey to success brings many obstacles. Luckily, there are endless female mentors and role models to look to for inspiration. These women are entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, athletes, and successful businesswomen. They shed their insights on owning success,…

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Encouraging Girls & Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur Barrett Clemmensen Powell on Women Entrepreneurs Radio – Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business Article

Show #490 Topic: Encouraging Girls & Empowering Women Entrepreneurs  Barrett Clemmensen Powell shares: The state of diversity in children’s literature in 2019 The 7-fold impact of girls and girls of color seeing themselves in books Global networking between women Barrett Clemmensen Powell is a former professional TV/ radio journalist, who became an author, ordained minister and lifestyle entrepreneur.  She then combined her education and experience in communication and spiritual care to earn $1M in her first six months as an…

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