Energy bills

Centrica’s profits may not be the only casualty of the energy price cap | Patrick Collinson | Business – Business Article

Is the energy price cap working? Iain Conn, the chief executive of the British Gas owner, Centrica, has 300m reasons why he thinks it has failed, as it has lopped that much off the firm’s profits. The cap, he says, is strangling competition in the market and could also strangle supply, as energy companies stop investing. The knee-jerk response will be “well, he would say that”. But there are lots of things not working in this market: 11 “challenger” providers…

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Small energy suppliers get a growth boost as their rivals collapse | Business – Business Article

Eight small energy suppliers closed their doors last year as rising wholesale costs tipped them over the edge, and the trend has continued into 2019, with the recent insolvency of Economy Energy, followed by Our Power, which failed on Friday. Industry watchers predict there are more failures to come. The string of collapses has shone a spotlight on unsustainable pricing by new entrants and on the costs all households face from picking up the pieces. What is less remarked upon…

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