The Hostinger Monitoring Mystery Revealed – Online Business Article

Back when Hostinger was still quite a small company, only Nagios, Cacti and Ganglia existed at that time in the market as open source monitoring tools. They’re less known now, but Nagios and Cacti are still in a development cycle, even today. Even though no automation tools existed. Bash + Perl did the job. If you want to scale your team and yourself, automation should never be ignored. No automation – more human manual work involved. We started out with around…

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There Is No Future In The Status Quo – – Business Article

There is no future in the status quo . . . Just ask Sears, Blockbuster, Novatel, Blackberry, Nokia, and the list goes on and on! There is no future in doing things the way we have always done them! Status quo always ends in irrelevance and obsolescence! As business leaders we need to continuously challenge ourselves and our organizations to innovate and improve. We need to shake up our industries and stop doing things because we have always done them…

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MySQL Setup at Hostinger Explained – Online Business Article

At Hostinger, we have various MySQL setups starting from the standalone replica-less instances to Percona XtraDB Cluster (later just PXC), ProxySQL routing-based and even absolutely custom and unique solutions which I’m going to describe in this blog post. We do not have elephant-sized databases for internal services like API, billing, and clients. Thus almost every decision ends up with high availability as a top priority instead of scalability. Still, scaling vertically is good enough for our case, as the database size does not exceed 500GB. One…

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Meet Our New Network Infrastructure – Online Business Article

Before we opened our data centres in the United Kingdom and the United States, we had some problems with our infrastructure. We had no automation, no version control for router configurations, a single uplink per-data centre, stretched VLANs between racks, plus static routes with ECMP, which causes a gap in the event of an anycast node failure. As we outlined in a previous blogpost, we started automating our network, and we rolled out our first automated processes in Singapore and…

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