How to start a 6-figure business (and succeed) – Business Article

Home » All posts » How to start a 6-figure business (and succeed) Here’s my 5 best tips for starting a business (and succeeding) I’ve been doing a few interviews for Australian media and thought I’d share this one with you because you might find it useful if you’re an aspiring or early stage business owner: 1. Your first order of business (it’s probably not what you think). What problem are you solving? The bigger and more obvious the problem…

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5-new-business-trends-predictions-2019 Coping with Jane – Business Article

Home » All posts » 5 NEW business trends & predictions for 2019 As a business owner it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s ahead. Here are 5 business trends and predictions for 2019 that every business owners needs to know about: Getting on your potential customer’s radar will continue to get harder and more expensive, because the cost of advertising continues to increase. The cost of “selling” therefore will continue to rise. What this…

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How to Build a Million Dollar Company – Business Article

If you’ve dabbled in online marketing, you are probably aware of the momentum growth of Clickfunnels. The company was started by its founder, Russell Brunson in 2014 and in the first year made $12MILLION (without any external funding). Wow. You might be wondering how they grew so quickly. There are 3 key strategies they used and that’s what I’m unpacking in today’s video… You’ll learn from this video: The secret behind Clickfunnels’ monumental growth. 3 key strategies you need to break…

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How to set your 90 day targets – Business Article

In the past how have you gone with achieving goals you set for your business? If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve been so busy REACTING this year that you haven’t had time for ACHIEVING. October is here and now is a terrific time to set the goals that you want to achieve over the next 90 days, so that you can finish 2017 strong. I want to invite you to do a 90-day-targets planning exercise with me. Simply watch…

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5 ways to scale your business as a solopreneur – Business Article

Home » All posts » 5 ways to scale your business as a solopreneur Are you working on your own and wondering how you can grow? It’s never been easier to reach people or share your message. In the modern landscape of different tools and platforms available, there are inexpensive and easily accessible ways for businesses to grow faster. But the fast-moving digital environment has been disorienting for many solopreneurs. When you work on your own or with a small…

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