Insects worm their way into Selfridges food hall in ‘bug bars’ | Environment – Business Article

Pasta, protein bars and granola bars made from insect flour are to go on sale in Selfridges to highlight alternative proteins for inclusion in mainstream diets. Amid growing awareness of the environmental impact of livestock farming – and the benefits of reducing meat consumption – the British department store is the latest retailer to tap into the rising recognition of the benefits of eating insects on both nutritional and environmental grounds. Basil fusilli pasta and raspberry and pumpkin seed granola…

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Cod stocks on course to crash if ocean warming continues | Environment – Business Article

Fish fingers and cod and chips are under a far greater threat from carbon emissions than previously thought, according to a recent study that has grave implications for food security. The North Atlantic cod stock in the Barents Sea is likely to first rise and then crash, possibly to almost zero before the end of the century if climate change isn’t addressed, says the scientific paper, published by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme. The grim forecast is based on…

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