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How to format a chart in Excel to dynamically show its maximum value – Business Intelligence Article

Data visualisation is fast becoming the norm for effective business intelligence. Having visuals that tell the right story at a glance go a long way in achieving this. Microsoft® Excel® provides you with a multitude of ways to enhance the visuals that you create. In this tip, I’ll show you how to format a basic bar chart to dynamically highlight the maximum value in the series. I have a data series showing total…

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Our Top 5 Excel tips of 2018 to help you with your business reporting – Business Intelligence Article

These Microsoft® Excel® tips and tricks are the top performing tips of 2018, and have raked up a combined viewership of over 200 000. Without further ado, here they are, the Top 5 Excel tips and tricks of 2018. How to consolidate data in Excel using Data Consolidation (66,027 views) How to get a distinct count in a Pivot Table (55,116 views) Easy steps to opening an Excel workbook on a specific…

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Learn how to identify duplicate rows in your data – Business Intelligence Article

In a previous tip, we explained how you can easily remove duplicate rows from your data using the Remove Duplicates function.  You can find it here.  At times though, you may just want to highlight duplicate rows without actually deleting them.  In this tip, we show you how you can do this using an Excel formula. 1. First, you need to make sure that your data is sorted. Assuming it starts in cell A1 and has headings, select cell A2…

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