3 ways to maximise your TV exposure to grow your list – Women in Business Article

There’s no point sending eager TV show fans to your social media or webpage if you don’t capture their details as ‘warm leads’. Turn your homepage into a lead capture machine with large and obvious optin boxes and give them a reason to hand over their details. Perhaps a ‘behind the scenes’ account of your time on the show? or a special freebie just for fans of that show? Something that will speak to the new stream of new followers…

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An introvert walks into a bar… – Women in Business Article

I’m an introvert and this is my networking lube: “Yo who the f*ck wants to buy this bitch a GIN, pronto” Ok that never actually happened. Normally I scurry in and seek out the bar or free booze. Neck 2 glasses of warm and slightly vinegary cheap chadon-nay-nay then hide in the toilets talking to myself in the mirror because, let’s be honest, amongst the suits I am the most interesting person there (and I’m an HSP introvert – and…

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Why I don’t blog (much). – Women in Business Article

I know. I am writing this in a blog. I appreciate the irony. Much as I enjoy researching, sharing information and writing, the truth is that I am just not great at blogging. I just can’t seem to stick to a schedule at all. I do try. I have good intentions. But then…I don’t know…life? Also, I’m under no illusions. In this vast universe called the blogosphere my blog is but a grain of sand on one beach, on one continent.…

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