Finance & Accounting

Bookkeeping for a Growing Business – Business Article

  Starting a business may seem simple, but there are many moving pieces in any small business that may be challenging. Arguably, one of the most important moving pieces in a small business is having a clean set of financials to help run and manage the business. Daily bookkeeping can be a make or break when it comes to measuring and understanding your business. Bookkeeping can help a growing business get funded, manage cash flow, stay tax compliant and organize…

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The Avalara Small Business Guide to Sales Tax – Business Article

Sales tax is complicated, and it’s not likely to get easier anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean it has to eat up resources and be a burden on your business. We’ve partnered with Avalara to help you determine the most effective way for your business to manage every aspect of sales and use tax compliance, including calculations, state registrations, and returns filing. Some businesses need an automated sales tax solution to stay above water while some can be managed in…

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