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How Do We Create Wealth? – Wonen in Business Article

Do you ever wonder how the rich get richer? It is a very uncomfortable topic. Most people do not understand the concept of the vehicle that can work for anyone, not just the rich. This may be a surprise to you. It’s called CASH VALUE LIFE INSURANCE!  You can deny it all you want but it is a fact. Just ask Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ben Bernanke. Buffett put a billion and a half dollar policy into the Gates Foundation and…

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Your Financial Relationship  | Thriving Women in Business Community & Center – Women in Business Article

Have you ever thought about your relationship to finances? Understanding why you either hang on or always need more can be circumstantial or situational from an event that created your relationship to the money.  Mine comes from a circumstance of being financially victimized. This led me to help people understand that there is more to securing your financial future than “deferred tax income streams,” which can vanish.  Emotion: Money is not about finances. It’s about emotions. Money is strongly connected to our emotions. An…

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