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5 Ways to Eat Your Competition for Breakfast – Business Article

Peter Drucker is credited with saying, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Even in today’s tech driven economy, a company’s human capital is still the most powerful potential competitive advantage. Culture is incredibly hard to build and even harder to maintain. Usually, culture is measured in terms of employee engagement. The cultures I admire most built their employee engagement around these strategies below:

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The Management Style Every Millennial Should Know – Business Article

Amy’s Ice Creams’ workforce is made up primarily of millennials, most of which are seasonal employees. In the short time these younger workers are with Amy’s, this Great Game All-Star company maximizes engagement in order to make a lasting impact on employees’ futures, as well as the success of the business. Take a look at what Marketing and Communications Director, Aaron Clay, has to say about the company’s fun, fast-paced and positive Huddles, and his four guidelines for enhancing engagement in your team’s Huddles.

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