How to Manage Your Cash Flow: Course 43 is Out! – Wonen in Business Article

Wanna learn how to manage your cash flow but it’s something you struggle with? In the FMC’s Course 43, Jill talks with our own FMC member Megan Mathias! As an attorney in the Chicago area, Megan cares about giving back to the community, especially women – and now she’s here to help us! Megan gives us tips and tricks to handle the cash flow ebbs and flows that come with entrepreneurship. What causes a biz to fail? More than failure…

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How to Systematize Your Business: The FMC’s Course 42 Is Out! – Women in Business Article

As a business owner, how many things do you do in a day? Are you a “Jill-of-all-trades?” In the latest FMC course 42, Jill talks with Daniela Bolzmann of Mindfull Goods about how to systematize your business. No longer do you have to do everything… this system will help you figure out what’s really important! A Four-Step System Daniela created her system when she was trying to figure out what she wanted in her life and her business. She has a background…

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Let’s Raise Some Capital: The FMC’s Course 41 is Out! – Women in Business Article

Wanna raise capital for your biz but don’t know how? In the latest FMC course 41, Let’s Raise Some Capital, Jill talks with Sue Mulligan of Agile Advisors. Sue tells you who you gotta know to get an introduction to a VC, what you should have in your pitch deck, and what “due diligence” really means. What do I need to raise capital? Raising capital can be scary, but as long as you’re prepared, it doesn’t need to be. Typically,…

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Transition Wardrobes from Summer to Fall – Women in Business Article

FMC member Suze Solari is the founder of Suze Solari Style, and author of the Stylish Upgrades series books: The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook, The Blouse & Skirt Handbook, and the newest Curvy Girl’s Style Handbook. She is a personal style expert known for helping clients align their style with their brand and lifestyle, and shows them how to maximize their wardrobe investment by wearing the right pieces to achieve their goals. Here, she helps Founding Moms transition wardrobes from summer…

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