Making Sense of BI Software Reviews l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

You’ve decided you’re ready to invest in Business Intelligence (BI) software. And now it’s time to do your due diligence, start researching, and select an analytics platform that fits the comprehensive and unique business requirements of your organization. Here’s the good news: You have dozens of websites at your fingertips to fuel your business intelligence tools comparision — overflowing with reviews on features, pricing, licensing, and access to support resources—from both BI experts and real business users alike. Here’s the…

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Digital transformation at the Gartner IT Expo – Business Intelligence Article

We just returned from the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, and while there were presentations on a wide variety of topics – from how to create a company culture that works to how AI is impacting digital transformation – there was just one word that came up time and again: Change. That’s really what business survival in this day and age comes down to. How fast can you change in order to stay ahead of the game? How nimble can you…

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