gender bias

Are Women to Blame for Gender Pay Gap In The Gig Economy? – Women in Business Article

This is concerning because the gig economy is a place where we have 100% autonomy on how much we charge for our work. With no outside restrictions, we are completely free to decide how high to set the value for our skills. This makes the question “Is there a wage gap in freelancing?” extremely important, because it shows us a key factor on why women are traditionally underpaid compared to men. “Gig economy” is a term referring to freelancers and…

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Women Entrepreneurs: A Growing Revolution Against Gender Bias in Corporate America – Women in Business Article

At a recent panel discussion about what drives and inspires local women entrepreneurs — and specifically mompreneurs — one theme came up over and over: these successful, driven women all left their previous careers for the freedom and flexibility that they simply couldn’t find in the corporate workplace. Persistent gender bias in workplace policies — about the very real demands of balancing family and a career — force many women off the corporate ladder and into entrepreneurship. While men continue…

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