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Statutory Conversion vs. Business Domestication: The Difference – Business Article

Quite often, my team at CorpNet fields a lot of calls and emails from business owners that want to make changes to their companies via business filings specifically wanting to file for a statutory conversion. Some changes are rather simple and straightforward, while others are more significant and substantial. Two of the more involved type of changes some clients request are “statutory conversion” and “business domestication.” And sometimes, people confuse the two. So, I thought it would be helpful to…

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Three Tips for Business Coaches to Help Their Clients Succeed in 2019 – Business Article

You may never attain the tips for business coaches or the legendary status of business guru, coach, and best-selling author Brian Tracy. A more attainable, yet vitally important goal, is to become the best business coach possible for your clients. Business owners turn to you for advice on how to grow their companies. Naturally, the more information and guidance you can offer them, the more loyal they’ll become. How can you offer more value to your clients and expand the…

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