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2019 Workplace Predictions – Women in Business Article

Guest Contribution by Fierce Inc. An increasing number of fledgling workers are currently being thrust into the spotlight as baby boomers retire and millennials and Gen Z increasingly take over the majority of new jobs. Many companies are at a loss with how to properly deal with this change and the publicity that comes with it. What makes matters worse, many suffer from a “culture of nice” and have complicated organizational structures, which only perpetuates business problems and proves detrimental…

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Experience Business and Personal Success in 2019 with a “Legacy-Driven” Mindset – Women in Business Article

Making an impact will be just as important as making an income is central to adopting a “Legacy-Driven mindset” and that becomes crucial to long-term success in both our business and personal lives. In watching how people navigate the landscape of their business and personal lives, I believe that women have a better sense of how to adopt and implement this way of life because women always seem to be in charge of balancing the life and work dance—and like…

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4 Tips On Time Management for People Pursuing Online MBAs – Wonen in Business Article

Obtaining an MBA can expand your earning potential and career opportunities exponentially. Unfortunately, not all aspiring MBA recipients have the bandwidth to juggle jobs, family obligations and other everyday responsibilities with taking part in the MBA programs offered by traditional colleges and universities. Luckily for interested parties held back by schedule constraints, it’s now possible to earn an accredited MBA from the comfort of home – and on your time. However, while online MBA programs are typically easier on one’s…

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