Have a Stress-Free New Year – Business Article

The year is almost over, which means most people have already started on their list of resolutions for the new year. Have you made yours? If it includes learning a new skill or hobby, improving your health or spending more time on the things you love, keep reading. While you may have a promising list of ways to improve your overall well-being and happiness in 2019, you might run into a problem that many others see when it comes to…

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Home Trends That Never Die – Business Article

If you’re the type of homeowner who prefers hiring someone else to do the work, or picking a style you like and sticking with it until you’re ready to move, you probably aren’t one to jump on new decorating or exterior style trends. However, it can be tough to choose options for your home that will still look good to a potential buyer years from now. Thankfully, we can look at the past to find home trends that have been…

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Consumers’ Choice for the Fourth Time! – Business Article

We’re so pleased to have been named the Consumers’ Choice award winner for the fourth year in a row.  This honor is determined by our customers and others in the greater Cincinnati area, and is a testimony to the quality of the GutterShutter system.  Thanks to all who voted for GutterShutter — we couldn’t be prouder of our team and our products! … This is only a snippet of a Business Article written by Gutter Pro Read Full Article

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Are Your Gutters at Risk During a Storm? – Business Article

September means it’s hurricane season for most of the East Coast, and storm season for many other states. If you live in an area with high winds and rain this month, you’re probably paying attention to the way it can affect your home – checking on your landscaping, watching for poor drainage and making sure your home won’t flood. But what about your gutters? Most homeowners aren’t thinking about their gutters when considering ways their home can be damaged during…

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Are Your Gutters Bugging You? – Business Article

Nothing is worse than ending an outdoor party or relaxation time because the mosquitos won’t stop biting. Now that it’s mid-summer, you’re probably spending more and more time outside in your backyard, and it can be tough to enjoy your space when there is a breeding ground for bugs right above your head. While citronella candles and bug spray can help ward them off temporarily, there is a better way to address an increase in bugs in your backyard, and…

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Is Your Home Hurricane-Ready? – Business Article

Summer is here, which means it’s also the start of hurricane season. This means that along with the other items on your extensive summer to-do list, you’ve probably been thinking of the tasks you’ll need to complete to make sure your home is protected during heavy rain and winds. However, if you’re new to a hurricane area or haven’t protected your home in the past, you might be unaware of what you’ll need to do. Even if you don’t live…

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