The Power of Crunching Big Data Effectively – Business Intelligence Article

Click to learn more about author Lex Boost. Not embracing the Big Data trend can cost your company. According to an Accenture study, 79 percent of enterprise executives agree that companies not embracing Big Data will lose their competitive edge. With data creation on track to grow tenfold by 2025, it is extremely important for businesses to be able to process it in a quick and efficient manner. So what does “Big Data” mean? The term is often thrown around…

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Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake – Business Intelligence Article

Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake Published 2016/05/01 big data integration Tags: big data integration, data lake, hadoop, snaplogic SnapLogic published Eight Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake. They are: Storage and Data Formats Ingest and Delivery Discovery and Preparation Transformation and Analytics Streaming Scheduling and Workflow Metadata and Governance Security The post originally appeared on ITBusinessEdge as a slide show. The company also recently hosted a webinar on Democratizing the Data Lake with Constellation Research and published…

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