Insects worm their way into Selfridges food hall in ‘bug bars’ | Environment – Business Article

Pasta, protein bars and granola bars made from insect flour are to go on sale in Selfridges to highlight alternative proteins for inclusion in mainstream diets. Amid growing awareness of the environmental impact of livestock farming – and the benefits of reducing meat consumption – the British department store is the latest retailer to tap into the rising recognition of the benefits of eating insects on both nutritional and environmental grounds. Basil fusilli pasta and raspberry and pumpkin seed granola…

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Drug firm Novartis fears no-deal Brexit could put patients at risk | Business – Business Article

The Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis has said it is stockpiling drugs in the UK before a possible no-deal Brexit, which it warned would be “hugely impactful” for patients. Firms across the economy are bracing for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU on 29 March without a deal after parliament resoundingly rejected Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. The Basel-based company said on Friday it imported 120m packs of medicines to the UK from the continent each year but suggested a…

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Work Postures for a Healthy Spine with Aaron Alexander – Wonen in Business Article

Welcome to your last Monday Motivation mission for 2018! This Entrepreneur series has been a fun ride, and we’ll be doing much more of it in 2019! If you want to catch up on all of the episodes over the holidays, tune in here. As entrepreneurs, we’re on our computers A LOT. And for many of us, that means we’re sitting a lot. Preeetty much all the time. The thing is, all of this hard work and magic-creatin’ can put…

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How To Keep A Healthy Mindset In The Age Of Rage – Women in Business Article

Each time we check our newsfeeds, it’s front and center. We see and hear so much negative news that it’s enough to make one think all news is bad news, and there is nothing good to report. Negative news permeates our daily lives. This can lead us into a perpetual state of anxiety and fear. It also prevents us from accomplishing what needs to be done, even though we’ve organized our to-do lists to support the positive goals we want to…

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