7 Best Ways To Hire Excellent Employees – Business Article

For a business, poor employee performance is one of the biggest contributing factors to lost profits and stalled growth. Additionally, poor employees lead to high turnover, another primary contributor to low profits and growth. Hiring quality employees relies on one thing: identifying them. Following are the seven best ways to identify–and ultimately hire–excellent employees. 7. Pre-screening situations As opposed to screening questions, pre-screening situations allow potential employers to conduct an informal, pre-hire assessment of an applicant’s ability (or willingness) to…

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How employable are you? – Pamela Slim – Women in Business Article

Last month, I had the great honor of keynoting the Geeky Summit, a gathering of women in technology in Calgary, Canada. The topic of my talk was making yourself continually employable by creating a powerful body of work. As I prepared for the keynote, then delivered it and had conversations with the participants afterwards, I thought about what it means to be highly, continually employable. At its core, continual employability means you would be a perennially desirable candidate in any work…

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