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MPs press Treasury to abandon ‘absurd’ inflation measure | Business – Business Article

The government is coming under intense pressure to either abandon or fix the “grossly unfair” retail prices index inflation measure, which MPs say is penalising students and rail passengers. In a rare combined letter from parliamentarians in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, RPI was described as “absurd” and its continued use was labelled “a ridiculous merry-go-round”. In the letter sent to the head of the UK Statistics Authority, John Pullinger, the House of Commons Treasury select…

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Philip Green ends ‘gagging order’ action against Telegraph | Business – Business Article

It promised to be one of the highest profile court cases of the year, pitting the billionaire owner of TopShop against a national newspaper over its right to report claims of sexual and racial harassment. Instead, Sir Philip Green chose to duck a head-on fight with the Daily Telegraph at the last minute, avoiding a high court trial and leaving the businessman with a hefty legal bill and a battered reputation. The decision by Green and his business empire, Arcadia,…

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