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What to do when a scam site takes over your Safari homepage

Scammers try all sorts of ways to convince you that something’s wrong with your Mac and that only by calling “Apple” (it’s never Apple) via a phone number on screen and paying some outrageous amount of money can your computer be “fixed.” In some cases, websites can seemingly hijack Safari in macOS, making it impossible to bypass a page. Macworld reader Antonella encountered one variant: a printer dialog appears whenever she launches Safari. The phone number of a scam site…

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How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S8

There are four ways to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8: 1. Simultaneously press and hold the power and volume-down buttons. 2. Swipe the edge of your palm across the screen from right to left (this will need to be enabled in Settings > Advanced Features > Palm swipe to capture). 3. Use Smart Select to capture a specific area of the screen. This is available from the Edge Panel, where…

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How to sell or trade in your old iPhone

Even if you’re in the iPhone Upgrade Program, you might have an old iPhone languishing in a drawer somewhere unused. And if you buy your iPhone outright each year, you can usually recoup a good amount of that cost by selling the old model every time you upgrade. Here’s what you need to know about selling or trading in your old iPhone for top dollar. How to get an old iPhone ready for sale This probably goes without saying, but…

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Don’t format your Time Machine drive using APFS

Time Machine can’t make use of Apple File System (APFS) volumes. This is a significant problem that many Macworld readers want to make sure others know about. This has been known for months, and because you typically have to take steps to convert a drive to APFS, it hasn’t been an issue for most people. You can accidentally convert a drive to APFS without macOS warning you that you’re about to do so. If you use the Finder option to…

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

Thanks to the Face ID technology included in Apple’s new iPhone X, the ever-present home button has finally departed. In many ways this is a positive, as it provides a largely uninterrupted display (except for the notch at the top). But, the change does mean that there are now new ways to accomplish everyday tasks. Apple has outlined how to achieve most of these in this helpful guide, but one often requested feature missing from the list is taking a…

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How to screenshot and record video on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile console and it’s super easy to take screenshots and record gameplay video. Here’s how to do it and where to find it on the device. Take a screenshot  Regardless of the mode you’re using the Switch in, you’ll find a square button with a circle in the middle on the left Joy-Con controller. The same button can also be found on the Pro controller. This is called the capture button so all you need to…

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Ethernet or Wi-Fi? Which should you use for macOS cellular phone call handling and Continuity

Apple introduced Continuity as a way to bind together various features across the two kinds of systems. It’s great when it works, and it’s clearly gotten better. AirDrop only fails on me sometimes instead of mostly, for example. Continuity includes Instant Hotspot, Universal Clipboard, and other features. But Macworld reader Tom is having trouble with the Cellular Calls part of Continuity, which effectively extends an iPhone voice calling service to work with any associated Mac or iOS device. He has…

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How to set up Nintendo Switch

So you got a new Nintendo Switch, maybe for Christmas, but you can’t figure out how start playing Super Mario Odyssey. Well here’s how to set up the Nintendo Switch console for the first time. Luckily setting up a new Switch isn’t too difficult and we’ll take you through the necessary steps below. You can also watch our unboxing video above which includes the entire setup process. Check out the best Nintendo Switch games, too. For starters, get everything out…

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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Tips & Tricks

Turn off Bixby Home A swipe in from the left of the home screen accesses Bixby, but sometimes Bixby pops up all too often. You can turn off this Bixby screen by pinching an empty area on the home screen, then swiping all the way to left and toggling off Bixby Home. Within the Bixby Home screen you can also prevent the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8’s left edge from opening Bixby Home. Tap the cog wheel at the…

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You can’t delete purchase history from the App Store and from iTunes

We don’t typically run one-word answers to reader questions, but it’s worth it in this case, because we regularly receive a question similar to this one from Macworld reader JLR: I want to dump, forever, some music and iPhone apps from my iTunes account and not have to deal with them just “hiding.” Is this possible to do? No. OK, I can’t help myself, I need to give a complete answer here. Apple lets you hide purchases from appearing where…

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How to Delete WhatsApp Messages Even After 7 Minutes Have Passed

Deleting a sent WhatsApp message is really easy. You just tap and hold it, then tap the bin icon that appears in the top bar and say Ok to the message that pops up asking if you really want to delete it. What you probably want to know, though is how to delete that message so the recipient cannot see it either. And that’s simple, just select the ‘Delete for everyone’ option. This is possible for up to seven minutes…

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How to Move WhatsApp Messages to a New Phone

Setting up a new phone is a good opportunity to clean out the clutter on the old one, though we suspect you’d probably like to keep some of it. WhatsApp messages, pictures, video and other files are one such example, and once you’ve set up the app on a new device you can’t also use it on the previous one. Luckily, with a bit of preparation you can move all that to a new phone. Using Google Drive you can maintain…

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How to Get Free Netflix

Netflix is available at three price points, starting at £5.99 per month for the basic package that includes the ability to stream unlimited films on any device you like, but only one person can watch at a time and there’s no HD content. To get Ultra-HD playback and the ability to stream on up to four devices there’s the top-end Premium package at £9.99, while the £7.99 package offers a happy middle ground with HD streaming on up to two…

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Excel Pivot Tables: How to create better reports

Excel created pivot tables to improve upon its convoluted, weak reporting features (which are still available). The pivot table is actually a collection of tools that Excel uses to help you create better reports from complex, multi-file spreadsheet data. You filter, sort, reorganize, calculate, and summarize your spreadsheet databases, then extract specific information into a report. For example, your spreadsheet may contain 25 field columns, but you only need four of these fields for your report. The Pivot Table tools allow…

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How sharing a Live Photo works

Live Photo became more useful in iOS 11, allowing editing and some transformation of captured slices of time. However, Macworld reader Ken is concerned about how Live Photo images are shared. When the Camera app is active and Live Photo is on, iOS continuously captures a somewhat lower-quality stream of photos, but when you tap the shutter button, it uses the full power of the sensor. When you share a Live Photo via email or any method other than a…

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