Why Your Site Must Switch to HTTPS (And How to Do It) [Podcast] – Business Article

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch on HTTPS Every website in the world is carried across a protocol known as HTTP. Recently, though, we’ve seen more and more websites switching over to HTTPS, which is the secure version of that same protocol. A site that is carried on HTTPS is encrypted, meaning that all of the data and information on the site itself is protected from hackers. Not only that, but the sensitive information that you gather from prospects and customers—whether…

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Google Chrome 68 mandates HTTPS! – Online Business Article

May 2017: The web faces turmoil caused due to WannaCry attack. May 2017: Gmail users are targeted with a phishing scam in which the hacker tries to gain access to mail accounts through third-party apps/software. June 2017: Another web epidemic in the form of NotPetya attack. September 2017: The Equifax breach puts at risk data of over 143 million consumers. These are few of the many cyberattacks that hit the internet last year. The number has been found to be…

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