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Latest White Paper with Information Builders: “Five Things to Focus On for Faster MDM Results” – Business Intelligence Article

The latest Hub Designs white paper, sponsored by Information Builders Hub Designs’ latest white paper on master data management (MDM) was published recently by Information Builders. The paper is titled Five Things to Focus On for Faster MDM Results, and it talks about the importance of getting the “soft stuff” right and improving the alignment between business and IT. It also covers how to achieve a business-oriented, balanced, holistic approach that addresses: People / corporate culture (through organization design and change management)…

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The MDM Community is moving to LinkedIn Groups! – Business Intelligence Article

To the readers of Hub Designs Magazine, First, thank you for reading! We’ve been covering data governance and master data management since 2007, and have published over 460 articles in the last 9 years. It’s been a lot of fun. We were an early adopter of social media. Hub Designs has 200 followers on Facebook, 725 followers on Twitter and 1,970 followers on LinkedIn. My personal Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts have over 10,000 followers. Other things we do from a research and publishing perspective…

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