IBM Cognos Analytics – Conditional Notifications – Business Intelligence Article

Bryan Scheck Business Analytics Specialist John Daniel Associates, Inc. Bryan’s Profile Recently I was asked by a client to setup notifications for a daily report output. This is a routine request that can be addressed within the Cognos portal by creating and scheduling a job for the report. The unique challenge presented in my case however was that the client wanted results to be emailed to one set of recipients under a different condition than that for another set of recipients. Specifically, when…

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Qlik Sense SSL Certificate for Deployment – Business Intelligence Article

Bethany FamigliettiBusiness Analytics SpecialistJohn Daniel Associates, Inc.Bethany’s Profile  In this post we’re going to look at how quick and easy it is to procure and install an SSL certificate on your Qlik Sense deployment. This assumes you are starting with only the self-signed certificates, and that you want to use a certificate generated by a signing authority for use on an externally facing site. On a clean installation of Qlik Sense Enterprise, you’ll notice that the domain fails SSL validation.…

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Business Analytics Methodology OK to Fail, Just Fail Fast – Business Intelligence Article

Janet Amos Pribanic Chief Operating OfficerJohn Daniel Associates, Inc.Janet’s Profile Business Analytics is changing rapidly. Traditional BI is being challenged due to the rate at which we are not only collecting data, but wanting to leverage that data for business advantage. A recent survey of over 40 technology vendors’ clients by one of the largest IT research firms showed that ultimately, the customer experience matters. The value given to the customer is what matters, always! So, how do we get…

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