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How to analyze your suppliers and increase returns – Business Intelligence Article

To maintain an efficient supply chain and satisfy customers, companies must be assured of timely and accurate delivery from their suppliers. Many purchasing managers are turning to data analytics to evaluate the performance of their suppliers which leads to better relationships and stronger returns. Fact-based analysis enables managers to measure and analyze their suppliers’ performance in an effort to identify potential problems and find a resolution as soon as possible. This blog will focus on how analytics can guide managers…

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At the heart of Phocas’ approach is simplicity ♥ #lovephocas – Business Intelligence Article

To have fun this Valentine’s Day, we collated feedback from customers to develop a group love letter. The Phocas team is always available to discuss a data analytics solution with you, this day and every other day. It was five years ago that I first told you I loved you. Phocas, you changed my life and put my business on a new, exciting path of growth. Love Phocas. ♥ The software has made our lives so much better.”Wayne Blackman, Managing Director, Invision…

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