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The Art of Influencer Marketing For Solopreneurs and Small Business – Business Article

28% of marketers report that influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer acquisition method. We’ll get into why in a bit… But does it work for solopreneurs and small business? Yes! And it can be done for free, or by using low-cost tools. This article focuses on businesses that don’t have big budgets for marketing but are prepared to put in the work to find real influencers who will believe in their products and services and get excited about a…

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How Social Media Influencers Can Benefit from Having a Website – Online Business Article

A website can help micro- and macro-influencers expand their brand and monetize their reach more effectively. With a website, influencers have a one-stop shop to showcase their brand and share it with potential collaborators. Websites allow for more flexibility with the messaging and format while also establishing credibility for you as an influencer. Are you a social media influencer? Influencer marketing means businesses focus on influential people on social media instead of trying to reach their target market as a…

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Influencer Marketing: Are You Ready? (Lipsticking) – Women in Business Article

by BIG Idea Facilitator, Yvonne DiVita Influencer marketing seems to be the buzz word of the day. Maybe you’re wondering what it means. Who are all these influencers? How are they marketing themselves? Are they all that important? How do you connect with them? Let me try and answer some of the questions around this buzz phrase.  First, let me tell you a story. A story that begins, “once upon a time…”  Once upon a time I was a struggling…

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