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Business Intelligence to Inspire Us All – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

As I look back on 2018 and all the amazing BI solutions I saw created, there was one that really stood out in terms of its impact on the world that left me both awestruck and humbled. It was a solution created for the International Humanitarian City (IHC) based in Dubai, UAE that provides international relief for human disasters around the world. I had the privilege to tour their facilities last November and it is a vast expanse of warehouses…

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The Dashboard Salsa Dance – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

On a recent vacation in Mexico, I attended a class to learn how to dance salsa. Now, I have two left feet when it comes to learning any structured dances. I can do the count in my head and I can do the steps with my feet, but I can never get them synchronized which usually results in either stepping on my partner’s feet or freezing in fear of stepping on my partner’s feet! The instructor taught the basic salsa…

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