How to Avoid Burnout in Small Business – Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business Article

Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to get your idea funded or you’re running a small family shop that was passed down to you, it’s easy to feel burned out by your business. Given that we still haven’t achieved pay equality, women have to work especially hard at our trades just to keep up. Burnout has negative impacts on our health, happiness, and relationships. That’s why it’s so important to recognize potential signs of early burnout and stop it before it…

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Scents That Will Make You More Productive – Women Entrepreneurs – Women in Business Article

Imagine a day full of meetings and long discussions about a new project, when the day is over it’s time for household chores or taking care of the children. Then you happen to smell a familiar fragrance that inspires you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel revitalized. That is the magic of aromatherapy. It can help energize, or it can give you a break from your tensions and worries and makes you feel rejuvenated. To help…

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OK, Google: How to Optimize a Site for Voice Search – Headway Capital – Business Article

Google voice search is changing the way users search for the information they need. Nearly two-thirds of all smartphone users have used voice search to find local business information in the last 12 months. Over a quarter of desktop, laptop, and tablet users, too. The impact of voice search is changing the way Google handles search queries – and businesses need to ensure their websites are optimized to keep up. The key to voice search is speed. Google knows that…

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Digital Darwinism: What Killed Borders, Blockbuster and Toys R Us and How to Survive – Business Article

We live in an era of “digital Darwinism,” a time when technology and society are evolving faster than the ability of many organizations to adapt. It is for this reason (along with a myriad of other problems of course) that in fact killed Borders, Blockbuster, Toys “R” Us and the like. Not only did digital Darwinism cost us close to a half billion job, it’s only accelerating. As Leon C. Megginson once said in paraphrasing Charles Darwin’s Origin of the…

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A Small Business Guide to Youtube Marketing – Headway Capital – Business Article

By the year 2021, a million minutes of video will cross the internet every second of the day. And as soon as 2019, video content will account for 80% of all internet traffic. With 1.3 billion annual YouTube users, every small business needs to get serious about the definitive video content site. But neither video marketing nor the YouTube platform are as straightforward as they might seem. Thankfully, it just takes a bit of research and dedication to create a…

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10 Proven Ways to Build Trust With Employees – Business Article

Technology is such a big part of business these days that it’s easy to forget what really powers your workplace: people. A loyal, dedicated team produces better results than a stressed or disengaged workforce. And at the heart of this dynamic is trust. In fact, a business with high levels of trust is 2½ times more likely to have high revenues than one where trust is an issue. Sure, ruling through fear gets things done, but employees will do the…

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