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Master/Slave: Addressing Problematic Coding Terms in the Open-Source Community – Online Business Article

The coding world is full of weird terms. You have back ends, tags, frameworks, and plenty more. However, while some words and phrases might sound odd until you get used to them, they usually aren’t offensive. There are some rare exceptions, however, such as the frequent use of master and slave. It goes almost without saying that those are two potentially problematic words, due to their historical connotations. However, they’re still widely used in developer circles and multiple coding languages. In fact,…

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How This DreamHost Customer Became India’s Premier Blogger – Online Business Article

One night after an office party, Naina Redhu and her coworker were staring out a window at Bombay’s city lights, when he asked about her job: “Are you happy doing this for the rest of your life?” That simple question became to be a turning point for Redhu, then 24 years old. “I was miserable, commuting three hours each day, being shoved into local trains and cabs,” she says. “My job description entailed sitting at a desk from 9 to…

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