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Have vision, be confident – The Commercial Reality – Business Article

While Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA CEO Deidre Willmott has worked with some amazing leaders in government and the private sector throughout her career, she’s developed her own style along the way. “I would say that what I have learnt is that a leader has to have a vision. They have to articulate where they want an organisation to go and they need to live that vision every day,” she says. “Firstly, they need to be confident that…

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How to support an employee dealing with mental health issues – The Commercial Reality – Business Article

Tackling mental health issues in the workplace starts with a difficult conversation. Here’s how to make it easier… The annual cost of mental illness on Australian business is in the billions. These numbers do not account for the human cost on the employee dealing with a mental illness or the effects on their colleagues and employers. If you know your employees, you can usually spot changes in their behaviour that may be early signs of mental health issues. It might…

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Contracts of the heart – The Commercial Reality – Business Article

While some US companies have drawn up “love contracts” for their executives and employees, leading WA businesswoman Diane Smith-Gander does not want Australia going down that track. Despite public scandals and salacious headlines involving high-profile companies, Smith-Gander says every company should have a comprehensive code of conduct that addresses workplace relationships while avoid the issuing of rules. Smith-Gander, who sits on the board of Wesfarmers, AGL Energy and was a former NBN deputy chair, says disclosure is more important than…

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