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How to Create a Business Account on Instagram – Women in Business Article

Are you looking to use your Instagram account for business? I’m going to break down why it is essential to have a business account if you are doing any type of sales on Instagram.   Not only is Instagram fun and creative, but it’s also one of the most engagement-friendly social platforms for businesses. In this blog post I cover the two easy steps to switch to an Instagram business account and the four benefits of making the switch. Let’s…

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How To Grow Instagram Followers in 2019 – Wonen in Business Article

You’re probably spending your time and energy crafting the perfect Instagram post, story, and maybe even a live broadcast. So to make your effort worthwhile, don’t you want as many eyeballs as possible on your account? Learn how to grow your Instagram followers in 2019 so you can grow your account and bottom line. Instagram Stories Diving into Instagram Stories is more than simply sharing your favorite photos or behind-the-scenes clips. Really understanding which content to share – and which stories…

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What To Post On Instagram For Business – Women in Business Article

Have you been using Instagram for business for a while but your account isn’t really growing? Or maybe you started your account with a different focus in mind? Learn the top types of posts to attract your ideal customer on Instagram. Whether your goal for 2019 is to gain new followers, increase your Instagram sales, or just to become more comfortable on the platform, this is the perfect time to focus on being intentional so you can grow your business…

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