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How to Share Testimonials on Instagram – Women in Business Article

Are you getting praise for your business but not sure how to share it on Instagram? Sharing testimonials and praise is an important part of using social media for business. You will attract more clients and have more content to post when you strategically share testimonials. Keep reading to learn how you can share strategic, engaging, effective testimonials in your Instagram Stories and feed. Strategy #1: Share Testimonials in Instagram Stories Did you know that you can take your clients’…

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How To Use Instagram On Your Computer 2019 – Women in Business Article

Do do you want to use Instagram on your computer but keep getting frustrated? I’m going to walk you through the updates Instagram has made for desktop use. With its familiar motions of tapping, scrolling and exploring, it’s understandable why most people opt for a mobile Instagram experience. But using Instagram on your desktop isn’t just easy, it also has some business benefits too. Ready to use Instagram on your desktop? Let’s get started. Instagram Stories Instagram Stories have been…

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How To Grow Instagram Followers in 2019 – Wonen in Business Article

You’re probably spending your time and energy crafting the perfect Instagram post, story, and maybe even a live broadcast. So to make your effort worthwhile, don’t you want as many eyeballs as possible on your account? Learn how to grow your Instagram followers in 2019 so you can grow your account and bottom line. Instagram Stories Diving into Instagram Stories is more than simply sharing your favorite photos or behind-the-scenes clips. Really understanding which content to share – and which stories…

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