I made a product which easily unsubscribes you from spam emails! : ladybusiness – Women in Business Article

Hey!Leave Me Alone is an email unsubscription service, with a focus on privacy.My partner and I built Leave Me Alone because we wanted a service which would show all of the email lists we were subscribed to and allow us to unsubscribe easily. Although services like this exist already they sell all of your data for marketing… Faced with the dilemma of a messy inbox or all of our data being exploited, we decided to build our own product and…

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I’m sharing my experience on how I made $647.89 Passive Income On Etsy In the First Month : ladybusiness – Women in Business Article

Hi ! I thought it was a good idea to share on this sub reddit because Etsy is mostly women so I recently wrote a blog post on my journey selling digital downloads On Etsy and I would like to share it with anyone that is looking into selling On Etsy.I also have a video version of the blog post which I go more in depth (19minutes).I do recommend reading the blog post first since is a overview cover which…

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New member, saying hi. – Wonen in Business Article

The welcome post is archived, so I couldn't use that one. Who you are – quick personal bio I have a background in music/theater/opera. Programming/coding/system admin. Live A/V production. A bit of a polymath. What you do Username kind of says it all – Been narrating for Audible and other publishers for a few years. Current project (regular links ok! affiliate links not ok!) I started my own publishing firm! Top 3 things you've learned How to delegate How…

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